Monday, February 22, 2010

Cylinder Blast in New Friends Colony Market

We were eating a late dinner at a restaurant on the 2nd floor - Yum Yum tree - in NFC market, when suddenly around 11pm, there was a loud noise and the glass windows in the restaurant all rattled and there was screaming from below. We were just about done with dinner, so we went down after the initial hulla blew over.

Checked with the paanwala. It was a cylinder blast (not a bomb) at Al Bake on the Ground Floor, at least 4 guys were really badly injured. The entire market was quickly closing down as it was past 11 and the cops who were yet to arrive on the scene would have hassled them for being open.

A lot of crowd had assembled in front of Al Bake, but we avoided that exit and took another one to get to our car and drive back to the guest house.

Its been ages since I've jumped at a loud noise, but yes, the news these days makes you extra fearful.

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