Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shopping at South Ex 1

Shopping at South Ex was extremely fashionable before the big malls came to Delhi. All the big brands available in India were retailed here.

With the opening of the malls in Gurgaon and now all over Delhi, the glamour of this market faded a little, but it still is home to big brands.

BG's is a big draw for their clothes and fashion jewelry.

If you are looking for real gold and precious stones, you can choose from Tanishq, Mehrasons and others. The window displays are so beautiful that any woman would be tempted to slow down even if its just to appreciate the designs before passing by.

Among the international chains, you will find Nike, Benetton, Reebok, Levis and Tommy Hilfiger Kids. The Tommy Hilfiger store has some really cute options for kids from 2-16 years old. There were a couple of sleeveless sweaters for little boys that were quite adorable. They have a few more colours in store other than the standard blue, white and red.

For silk saris, there is no better option in Delhi than Nalli Silks a brand that most South Indian women will swear by. I personally love Nallis, but I've found that I have good days and bad days here. Sometimes I find it difficult to choose just 1 or 2 saris and sometimes I don't find anything at all no matter how hard I search.

All the major bookshops including Om Books and  Teksons have a presence here.

Eating options include Bengali Sweet House (Vegetarian), McDonalds, acouple of coffee shops and a rather large bhelpuri and juicewallah stand.  For more substantial meals you may want to move further down to the Haldirams and Pind Balluchi or cross over to South Ex2 which has more choice in eateries.

The market is closed on Mondays.

Parking in this market is quite problematic, especially noon onwards. The parking attendants do their best to help, but the volume of traffic is too high for it to be smooth sailing.

The prices (of non branded items) may seem higher than other markets in Delhi, but the products are of high quality. If you want to enjoy the open air while shopping, it is a good idea to head here instead of a mall.

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