Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring moved into Summer so quickly.

I had taken these pictures on the 30th of MArch from our balcony. It heralded the start of spring for me. The end of the cold season.

The Mango tree in bloom

The tiny baby mangoes (ambade/avakkai), ideal for pickle making.

The tender green leaves of the Ashoka tree.
I was hoping to document the growing mangoes, but within a week it was too hot to stand outside in the glare of the sun. The temperatures touched 44C and taking pictures of mango trees was the furthest thought from my mind.

It seems that there was no spring at all this year in Delhi. Within a week we went from using room heaters to air conditioners!.

At least now the temperature is a little more manageable at 39C, so the brain is co-operating and being a little more efficient even during the daylight hours :)

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