Sunday, May 2, 2010

Broken Images

Watched "Broken Images" at the Epicentre in Gurgaon.  It was a last minute thing. 4 of us women left the husbands at home to watch their cricket match and headed out for the play.

Good fun. Met more friends at the theatre who had landed there independently. That's the great thing about Gurgaon, you keep running into people you know.

The play was a solo performance by Shabana Azmi as Manjula Sharma, who only shared stage time with her alter ego / sub conscious / image of herself on a large TV screen.

Based on Girish Karnad's, Kannada play Odakalu Bimba Manjula sharma is an English professor who writes short stories in hindi. Her first novel in English based loosely on the life of her paraplegic sister who has recently passed away, but had been living with her since their parents died.

To say anything more would give away too much. Shabana Azmi was brilliant, her timing in conversations with the pre recorded image was impeccable. What seemed like flaws in the performance in the first half, explained themselves at the end.

 The Epicenter is a lovely setting to watch plays. Not quite like Prithvi, but a comfortable, cosy ambience never the less.


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