Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bread Talk, Gurgaon

I was first aquainted with Bread Talk 5 years ago when they opened their Bombay branch at the Inorbit Mall in Malad. A semi innovative concept allowing the picking of your choice of savoury and sweet breads on a tray with a pair of tongs (a la Hot Breads). The innovations were in the myriad shapes and stuffings available.

The Gurgaon outlet has more of the same although their premises are much smaller than what I remember in Bombay, hence the varieties on offer also seems much less. But the taste and quality are as high as ever.

Stuffed breads filled with flavored, chicken, vegetables cost about 60rs each with tax. One piece would be enough for a snack and 2-3 would make a light meal.

I also recommend the Japanese Cheese cake (Rs 250 + tax) which is as light as a souffle.

Try it out when you want to stock up on some fresh baked bites.

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