Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fun Foods @ Godrej Nature Basket

My friend Rushina who is an excellent chef and writes wonderful articles on food, is also a food consultant to Godrej Nature Basket in Bombay. She was in town for the press launch of GNB in Delhi and invited me to meet her at the store.

The staff there pretty much recognises me, because I've already shopped there thrice in the 10 days since they opened and on my first day there I spent 2 whole hours in the store, caressing the jars and bottles of various goodies. On that day, I did not want to stand out by taking any pictures inside the store. (little did I know that my attention to detail was also making me stand out) But today was perfectly ok as it seemed like everyone was taking pictures.

Packaged Food

Fresh Vegetables

Breads and Cakes

Rushina had cooked up some really interesting amuse bouche to showcase the ingredients that are sold by the store and they were really tasty too. I was getting a chance to meet her after 4 years, so it was a fun conversation between foodies plus I got the chance to meet more foodies from Delhi.

Leaving you with pictures of some of her treats.

It was a truly delectable evening :)

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