Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spencer's Hypermarket, Gurgaon

Located in the basement of MGF mall in Gurgaon (the CTC plaza signage may mislead you into thinking that, that is the name of the mall), I have finally found what I've been looking for.

After searching all over Delhi for a half way decent supermarket its a real relief to find that I do have options. Even if it entails a 2 hour drive back and forth.

The pleasure of being able to find everything in one location and pile it into a shopping trolley has no match.

I agree that Delhi has wonderful local markets, but I like to be able to go to one location and buy 5 kilos of rice, 5 kilos of atta, toothpaste, deos, fruits, vegetables, oil, masalas, meat. biscuits, paneer, frozen food, wine etc without having to ask anyone to carry my load on their head or try and juggle multiple paper bags and rummage in my purse for change in yet another shop before I can get to the car.

Also this Hypermart has way better quality, range, service staff and cleanliness than their smaller Delhi operations.

It is small where Hypermarts go, but at least I can find 90% of the items on my shopping list in one place.

Between Godrej Nature Basket and Spencers Hypermart, it looks like I'm finally set in the Grocery Shopping quest.

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lavleen riar said...

i bought a packet of plums that were 105 Rs /Kg.after coming home i opened it and found all plums were rotten.

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