Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Red Moon Bakery

Finally, I have found a bit of heaven in Delhi. Even if it is located in Sarita Vihar.

I first had a taste of their brownies at Godrej Nature Basket which I found extremely addictive. And then I saw the sub branding of Red Moon Bakery. A foodie on a quest was I. If this bakery could make such amazing brownies, what other goodies did they have to offer?

So, I turned to my trusted friend, google.in and found their website, facebook fan page and an ADDRESS!
Red Moon Bakery
Shop #32,
Local Shopping Complex
Pocket D and E
Sarita Vihar
New Delhi, 110 076
011 4053 4797
 It was a little tough to locate, but once I was in the right community market within Sarita Vihar (I visited 3 before I found the D/E Market), I just had to follow my nose from the parking lot.

The premises are tiny, but the goodies on offer are better than those, from many a 5 star coffee shop/pattiserrie.

The bakery was started and operated by a Canadian couple - David and Anna Hambly and has some unique items which are not yet available in other city bakeries.

Looking at the prices here, I realised that GNB has a slight mark up on each item, which I wouldn't mind if it meant avoiding the drive from this side of town to Sarita Vihar. But Red Moon Cafe does offer delivery service to most parts of the city on different days of the week, provided you bill at least 400/-

The husband loves their mutli grain bread (60Rs) loaf. They will slice it for you to your desired thickness for 5rs extra. I highly recommend that as the bread is so soft, it crumbles when you try to slice it at home. Regular brown bread is 45Rs. They have a host of flavored Bagels, pitas, buns and breads.

I picked up a chicken curry pocket(50Rs) and a Chicken Pot pie(50Rs). Loved the pocket, its a complete tea time snack for one, the pot pie had a little too much potato for me, or maybe it was just the piece that I picked up.

The rum balls(20Rs) are a mouthful of sin! Highly highly recommended. I've already mentioned that I'm a huge fan of their walnut brownies(30Rs) which are much darker than any I have eaten before.

The cupcakes are 30Rs, I found the butter icing a bit too much for me, but my cat loved it :) and I'm sure most kids would too. Its just a little too much sugar for me on top of a cupcake, but that's just me.

Their muffins are 30Rs and the carrot bran is supposed to be a healthy one. The piece I bought, has been reserved for breakfast in the morning.

Lots of cookies in the 100-150rs range for a dozen. I have loved the chocolate chunk and the chocolate gingerbread.

I have a few other goodies that I picked up today, that I have had to force myself to stay away from. The temptation is quite over powering though.

They also have birthday cakes, cheesecakes and others from 6" to 14" (600gms - 4kg) which you can order ahead.

I'm definitely going to be ordering from them pretty often. They also deliver upto Gurgaon.
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