Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Akshay Pratishtan Mela

The Annual Akshay Pratishtan Diwali Mela was held on the 23rd of October this year. Its normally held on the Tennis Lawns at "The Grand", Vasant Kunj. (near the DLF malls)

Since it was held by an NGO, I was hoping to discover quite a few more NGO's whose products were created by the less privileged. While there were a few such stalls, I could count them on my fingers. The remaining 90% of the stalls were of self styled designers selling clothes and shoes for the most part and some knick knacks for around the house. There were some nice clutches and handbags too

Most of the crowd around, was what the newspapers these days refer to as the "page 3 party set" of the Mini skirted, high heeled, air kissing variety.

I picked up some diyas made by the inmates of Tihar Jail and some home made spice powders by a womens self help group.

There were 2-3 food counters organised by "The Grand" Hotel serving pastas, pastries and sandwiches and one stall selling a variety of churan and mukhwas. That was it for the food.

I hope I have better luck at the Dastkar and the Blind Relief Association melas. It may be a lazy option of being charitable, but it does feel good to buy quality products from people who are trying to better their lives by honest means.

This is not a bazaar that I would return to next year, but if you are looking for clothes with a few new concepts and are willing to hunt around a bit, you could be quite happy with some of the options.

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