Friday, October 8, 2010

Master Creation 2010 @ Dilli Haat, (INA Market)

Dilli Haat is a must visit for anybody who wants to pick up handicrafts directly from the artisans who create them.

An innovative concept that keeps changing and reinventin itself, so each visit feels new. This gated market (for want of a better descriptor) is built to resemble a traditional village market place (or Haat) with little individula stalls that are rented to artisans for a week or so at a time. Artisans from across the country come here to sell their wares.

As part of the CWG experience, Delhi Tourism has organised Master Creation 2010 at Dilli Haat. Plenty of artisans who have won National Awards for their intricate work have set up stalls and are selling exquisite wares. While textiles dominate (saris, shawls, stoles, salwar kameez, bedsheets) there are rugs, stone and metal carving and other crafts on display too.

They were also showcasing a different state each day, but I think this is now over. The day I visited, Arunachal Pradesh was in focus.

The Entryway:
The whole place is festive with beautiful colours

A Rajasthani Stall
Puppets from Andhra Pradesh
An exhibition of some of the National Award Winning pieces
White metal work and an intrciate Madhubani painting on the right.
Soft wood carving of Ma Durgaji from West Bengal

You can also try out a variety of food from across the country at this venue.This time I ate at the Assamese Stall.

Do visit if you are looking for exclusive items of clothing. The master craftsmen have some beautiful and unique handworked items on offer.


Michelle Peters - Jones said...

OOOOH, my absolute favourite place in Delhi!!! I miss it so much. Kim, please tell me you're going to hang around Delhi for a couple years so I can come and visit you again.

Kim said...

Michelle, I'll make the trip and pay for the hotel so we can visit Dilli Haat, but please do not hex me about staying on in Delhi!


Michelle Peters - Jones said...

LOL, Kim :-) I thought you were moving to Gurgaon!

Kim said...

Aapki mooh mein ghee shakkar! That would be infinitely more tolerable!


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